About us

The florists and decorators have you noted in their calendars. The colour scheme is final. The guest speakers are practicing their recitals, and you even know what you’re wearing for the grand event. Everything seems to be proceeding like clockwork. You’re practically ready to open the doors. Well… almost.

What about the chocolate? No affair can possibly be complete without the adornment of the finest in chocolates and nuts. Only the best will do for your event. The local supermarkets, however, carry only pre-packaged, preserved goods – not the stuff you want to serve your guests of honour! You want selection, you want class, and you want supreme quality. You also do not have the time or energy for a lengthy trip with hours of decision making.

Bingo! Your salvation is now a sweet click away. Chocolate Fantasies – the reality beyond your wildest fantasies.

How Does It Work?

Chocolate Fantasies, a company you have come to love over the past six years of its existence, has tuned into the hassles of every occasion on your calendar. On this website, we have comprised all-inclusive and well-organized listings of all products available for sale. Working with the many choice categories, you can narrow down your search to your very explicit requirements. All of our products are now available for online purchasing. We can just see you smiling as you browse through our vast selections of delectable confections with comforting ease and delight.
You will find an abundance of loose chocolates, nuts, and candy. You can order pre-packaged arrangements for just about every occasion – engagement, new baby, anniversary, birthday – you name it! Or you may choose to customize your packages for your personal affair, such as Bar/Bas Mitzvos, Aufrufs, Sheva Brochos, etc.
So come and take a tour. Our creativity is boundless. All you need to do is dream. Chocolate Fantasies will make it happen. Just say, “Chocolate!”

Kashrut Information

All chocolates used in our arrangements are Kosher certified.
As well we are under the supervision of the KLBD
The products used in the gift packages carry the supervision of one of the following Kashrut Authorities;
​Kedassia, ​Hisachdus Harabunim, Be’datz Kiryas Yoel, Eide Hacharidis, Machzikie Hadas of Antwerp, Machzikie Hadas of Manchester.